Free ATM Program

With our Full Turnkey ATM Solution, we handle everything and you earn commission! You never pay for anything! We pay for the ATM, supply the cash loading, maintenance, paper, lighted sign, and all other costs associated with the ATM. You earn commission based upon the monthly ATM transaction volume.

Purchase An ATM

We sell ATMs at wholesale prices. You pay the same low price as what we pay. We have all ATM brands and models. We also can install the ATM, wire it to your internet/telephone line or supply a wireless solution, program the ATM, and teach you how to load your cash. You select the amount of your surcharge (within standards). We walk you through every step of the process including reconciling your cash.

Mobile ATM for Events

ATM's of the South, Inc. can provide Mobile ATM service at your festival, fair, or other event. Our custom, wireless Mobile ATM Trailers provide instant cash for your patrons via mobile ATM's that we guarantee to be 100% operational. We have onsite technicians to insure reliability and replenish cash as needed. We have provided Mobile ATM service for hundreds of events and will make sure your event has plenty of uninterrupted cash.

ATM Processing

ATM's of the South is a full-service ISO that provides processing service for all types of ATM's. Our Vault Cash is settled daily and we provide weekend settlements on Mondays! This includes access to all national and regional networks including EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer). We have a high transaction-approval percentage because of our superior worldwide banking connectivity. We process bank cards from all of the major networks including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Pulse, Plus, Cirrus, Armed Forces Network, Maestro, Exchange, CU24, and Star as well as all State EBT programs that supports ATM withdrawals.

Custom Installations

ATM's of the South, Inc. can customize your installation. Flush mount, or thru-the-wall units, can increase your ATM traffic by allowing 24-hour access for outdoor applications. For indoor flush mounts, it allows a more custom look while increasing space. Custom stained hardwoods, marble, or painted wood to match your décor are just some of the options. view examples

Vault Cash Service

ATM's of the South, Inc. can handle your vault cash needs. Most of the downtime on an ATM is due to the unit being out of cash. If you are tired of loading your own cash into the ATM you own, we will monitor your ATM and load our cash into your ATM before the balance becomes too low. No longer will you have to worry about managing your ATM portfolio.

Web-Based Monitoring & Web Reports

Real-time web monitoring allows you to monitor your ATM portfolio using our web-based interface. This will provide you with current cassette balances, month-to-date summary reports, monthly merchant statements, as well as ACH deposits and Real-Time transaction monitoring all at no charge. You can even use a smartphone app to monitor your ATMs while on the go!