Nautilus Hyosung 2800T


The 2800T brings you through-the-wall convenience and the latest advancements in ATM technology. Plus, the appealing and weatherized exterior is suitable for even the most high-end locales. This heavy-duty machine gives you the dependability and ease of maintenance with the added bonus of high-capacity note storage. You get the same high quality and proven reliability you expect from industry leader Nautilus Hyosung.


The 2800T offers a wide range of transactions and features a user-friendly interface with a large 12.1” display screen and tactile touch with function keys.


A significant advantage of the 2800T ATM is its high-capacity note storage able to accommodate up to three removable cassettes to make managing your cash easier.


Ease of maintenance and simplified service routines provide maximum availability and increased uptime with minimal operational intervention.


The built-in LED backlit sign makes this already attractive ATM even more visible. Add a video topper to stream advertising of your choice to attract more sales and customers.


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