Free ATM Program

With our Free ATM Placement Solution, we handle everything at NO COST, and you earn commission based on the monthly revenue! You never pay for anything! We pay for the ATM, the installation, manage the vault cash, provide punctual maintenance, 24 hour call service, receipt paper, marketing materials, and all other costs associated with the ATM.

ATM’s of the South offers the most competitive commission rates in the industry. You can earn top-dollar for allowing us to place and operate an ATM on your premises. We do all the work while you Profit from the transactions Worry-Free! You never pay for anything!

ATM’s of the South provides nationwide ATM Placement options for all types of businesses.

  • Hotels
  • Indoor or Outdoor Malls
  • Convenience Stores & Gas stations
  • Bars, Clubs, & Restaurants
  • College Campuses
  • Hospitals

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