Genmega GT5000 ATM

Genmega introduces the new GT5000 Series Through-the-Wall ATM Machine. Get all of the features of high-end ATM machines at the low cost and low maintenance that Genmega provides including a 15" High Bright Color LCD supporting custom advertising, up to 3(x) 2,000-note removable cassettes, a fully functional rear service panel with 7" color touch screen, EMV card reader, and full ADA and PCI compliance.

  • 15" Color TFT_LCD
  • Win CE
  • TCP/IP & SSL
  • Up to 3(x) 2,000-Note Rear-Load Removable Cassettes with Presenter Module
  • Electronic Lock
  • EMV Card Reader
  • Fully Functional Rear Service Panel with 7" Color Touch Screen
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Complete ADA Compliance
  • One Roll of Paper

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