Windows XP Migration Will Not Adversely Impact Most Retail (Non-Bank) ATMs

April 7 2014 | Latest News

The National ATM Council (NAC) Announces Findings That Windows XP Migration Will Not Adversely Impact Most Retail (Non-Bank) ATMs

Jacksonville, FL April 7, 2014 - Recent news stories addressing Microsoft's end of support for its Windows XP operating system have suggested that a large percentage of the world's ATM base will be left vulnerable to cyber-attack and fraud. However, following an investigation conducted by the National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC), it appears that the vast number of ATMs operated by "non-bank" providers at retail locations throughout the US do not use Microsoft's Windows XP operating system - and are thus not adversely affected.

Based upon NAC's discussions with the "big three" manufacturers for the US independent ATM industry sector (Nautilus-Hyosung; Genmega/Hantle; and Triton) - which account for almost three (3) out of every four (4) ATM units currently deployed in the US today - virtually all of the ATMs now operated by America's ISOs/IADs/Merchants do not use Windows XP - and are therefore unaffected by Microsoft's ending support for its Windows XP operating system.

This is good news for US consumers and ATM providers, because it means that the vast majority of ATMs being operated by independent (non-bank) ATM and retail location providers across the US do not face a security risk from the loss of support for XP. NAC estimates that there are approximately 430,000 ATMs currently operated in the US, out of which approximately 300,000 units are operated by independent ATM providers versus traditional financial institutions.