ATM's of the South Goes to Washington

September 5 2019 | Latest News

A few weeks ago, ATMs of the South joined dozens of members of the National ATM Council to visit over 50 members of Congress in Washington to gain support for the ATM industry.

We made Congress members aware that some businesses are no longer accepting cash and that there is a pending House bill (HR2650) which enforces the US dollar as our legal currency and prohibits businesses from refusing cash for payment.  We were very successful in making both the House and Senate members aware of this serious national issue.

We also made sure that we discussed the bank account closures that ATM operators have been experiencing all over the country for several years and the fact that our industry is being blacklisted by a number of United States banks. This practice spiraled out of control in response to the Operation Chokepoint. We will continue to monitor situation and work hard to bring attention to the issues that plaque our industry.